Ben & Jerry’s Launching Line of Vegan Almond Milk Ice Cream in 2016


The hugely popular ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has announced that their new line of entirely vegan almond milk ice cream will be launching in 2016.

Although the company tested out a line of vegan ice cream flavors using various non-dairy milk alternatives such as soy and cashew milk, the company decided that almond milk was the best fit.

“Almond milk gave us the best blank canvas to carry the funky chunks and swirls that you know and love”, says Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru and “Non-Dairy Queen” Kirsten Schimoler says.

Although there’s no word one exactly when the new line of ice cream will launch, Schimoler says that it will be sometime next year, likely before the summer.

Ben & Jerry’s began in 1978 in Vermont. The new line of vegan ice cream will be the first non-dairy flavors the company has ever released.