First Vegan Butcher Shop Opens In The United States


The Herbivorous Butcher opened its doors last week in Minneapolis and it was a huge success. This first-of-its kind vegan butcher shop in the United States was made possible by a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter spearheaded by brother and sister Aubry and Kale Walch. The doors opened last Saturday to a receptive crowd that was more than a little excited to try all of the cruelty-free products the shop has to offer.

If you are sitting there wondering how something so seemingly oxymoronic could even be possible, you are probably not alone, but rest assured, you can expect to find vegan versions of many popular deli meats, sausages, ribs – even porterhouse steak and a variety of house-made cheeses. Because contrary to popular belief, you can be vegan and still enjoy all of your favourite things without contributing to the suffering of animals.

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While this may be this first vegan butcher shop in the States, it is not the first such establishment in North America; Canadians living in Toronto, Ontario have been fortunate enough to enjoy their own vegan butcher shop, called YamChops, since last year. There they offer more than just vegan meats and cheeses, but also deli-style soups, salads, and more!

Great News For The Vegan Community

These recent shop openings showcase just how popular the vegan diet is becoming. Considering it was basically the consumer that started Herbivorous Butcher in the first place, it shows that this is definitely something many people want. Having these options available makes it plain to even the most diehard carnivores that eating a vegan or vegetarian diet does not mean sticking to a diet of only fruit and salad. This may also appeal to those who are simply looking to cut back on their meat consumption, or just try something new altogether; after all, it’s good to have options, and every effort we make to reduce our consumption of animal products really does make a difference.

Plant-Powered ‘Meat’

While to some it may sound like a stretch to have something that actually tastes like meat coming from plants, many companies are doing just that. A company that specializes in plant-based meat called Beyond Meat is doing very well with very tasty, satisfying products that to many people taste just like meat. So the question remains, if you could have the same taste and texture of animal products while enjoying more nutrients and causing no unnecessary suffering in the process, why wouldn’t you?