Maker Of Just Mayo Has Over 500 Vegan Products In Development


Recently Hampton Creek, the makers of the popular Just Mayor brand of vegan mayonaise, announced that they’ll soon be releasing a line of vegan salad dressings, cookies, cookie doughs, cake mixes, muffin mixes and pancake mixes, all of which will soon be available in stores nationwide. Now, the company has announced the full scope of their product development (and it’s quite impressive).

According to Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick, the company is currently developing over 500 new products. Although the vast majority of these products haven’t been revealed, Tetrick does say that these new products will incude a plethora of vegan meats and vegan cheeses.

Hampton Creek is able to put so much funding into product development due to their rapid growth; the company had a 350% increase in revenue in 2015 from 2014.