Study Finds Vegan Diets Most Effective for Weight Loss

Fresh baby greens salad and tomatoes close up

To conduct the study, researchers in South Carolina enrolled participants in a five-arm, six month long controlled trial. Participants, all of whom were identified as overweight, were assigned one of five diets: vegan, vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, semi-vegetarian or omnivorous. The participants all attended weekly meetings, with the exception of the omnivorous group, who attended monthly meetings which were supplemented by weekly email lessons.

After only one month the vegan group had decreased their fat and saturated fat levels remarkably more than the pesco- vegetarian, semi-vegetarian and omnivorous groups. Those amount of fat and saturated fat reductions experienced by the vegan group were even more pronounced when observed at the six month mark. The only group that showed comparable fat and saturated fat loss was the vegetarian group.

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