Wendy’s Now Offering Vegan Black Bean Burgers at Certain Locations


The international fast food franchise Wendy’s is currently offering a vegan black bean burger on its menu at multiple locations. Although all of the locations are currently located in Columbia, South Carolina, Wendy’s plan is to make the veggie burger an item at all of its locations, if it sells successfully.

Below are the Wendy’s locations – including addresses and phone numbers – that are currently offering the vegan black bean burger (according to the nonprofit organization Vegan Outreach):

Cayce #10
823 Knox Abbott Dr.
Cayce, SC. 29033
(803) 796-2894

Garners Ferry #9
6892 Garners Ferry Rd.
Columbia, SC. 29209
(803) 776-8440

IRMO #73
6019 St. Andrews Rd.
Columbia, SC. 29210
(803) 750-9674

Harbinson #78
95 Woodcross Dr.
Columbia, SC. 29212
(803) 407-9990


Those wanting Wendy’s to offer the vegan black bean burger at more locations can find their contact information at the following link: https://www.wendys.com/en-us/contact-wendys.